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storyteller + educator + mentor


Speaker bio






storyteller + educator + mentor

Jill delivered the material in the most genuine approach to holistic health I’ve ever witnessed. I commend you for thinking outside the box to go with her.
— Staff response from opening presentation at a Leadership Training on Wellness

Jill loves to tell stories, connect, educate, and empower others. The only other thing that is more natural to her than physical movement, is public speaking.

Her authenticity and down-to-earth, heart-centered speaking style is relatable, personable, and approachable. People tend to see themselves in her, and hear their stories in her own. See Jill's CV


You are an inspiration, and I’m so grateful to meet you and hear your stories. You brought so much light into my life” ... “You are such a role model to me. You are a woman I can see myself in and it brings such a sense of comfort.
— Participants in Syracuse University's SOULscape weekend retreat


15+ Years on the following Topics

  • eating disorders, body image, media literacy, mental health, addiction/recovery

  • empowerment, self-love, self-esteem, women's issues

  • finding one's purpose and passion, listening to call of the heart, life's big questions, meaning-making

  • wellness, fitness, and mind-body-soul connection

  • leadership

available for

  • Inspirational and motivational keynotes

  • Educational and professional development workshops

  • Retreat facilitation

  • Performance speaking, which includes her dance and drum as part of the presentation

  • Media requests and appearances

The event was powerful. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
— Student response from a performance presentation at Monroe Valley Community College

Jill is the Communication & Education Director for Ophelia's Place, a non-profit dedicated to providing treatment, support, education, and community for all those impacted by eating disorders, body image, and body dissatisfaction. 

Jill recovered from an eating disorder that nearly took her life, and shares her powerful, adventurous story of healing with audiences nationwide through an interactive performance presentation that is unlike any other.

Her story resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, not just eating disorders, given our culture's current obsession with weight, body image, and body dissatisfaction, plus the intersection of her identities within athletics, communications, and arts and culture casts a wide net.