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compassionate communications + leadership







compassionate communications + leadership

I could ramble for pages regarding the excellent insights and work you have provided in this report, but let me just be succinct: you nailed this.
— Client response on a departmental assessment

Communications + Leadership are the heart and soul of Jill's consulting and coaching services. 

Working from a human resources frame (including mind-body-soul), Jill approaches projects from a place of compassion. A systems-thinker, she strives to see the whole picture, persons, and place, when finding a solution that best meets the client's goals. 

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As a consultant, Jill is available for:

  • Leadership Development + Training

  • Wellness Plans + Programming

  • Departmental Restructuring + Re-visioning + Assessments

  • Strategic Planning + Curriculum Development

  • Retreat Facilitation (Wellness + Leadership)

  • Project Management + Grant Writing

  • Digital media projects + documentaries + spokesperson


As a coach, Jill is available for: 

  • Self-Leadership coaching (wellness + life)

  • Body Image + ED Recovery coaching

A seasoned communications professional since 2003, Jill has worked in corporate, non-profit arts, human services, and higher education sectors in areas of internal/external communications, leadership development, curriculum development, public relations, media relations, marketing, branding, digital media and content creation, blogging, grant writing, and copywriting/editing. See Jill's CV